Consortium Member Academic Fieldwork Coordinators March 2018

Consortium Member Academic Fieldwork Coordinators March 2018

The Vision of the Philadelphia Region Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Consortium is to be the premier educational resource for fieldwork education at local, state and national levels.


The Mission of the Philadelphia Region Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Consortium is to enhance the quality of occupational therapy education by facilitating collaboration and communication among our occupational therapy academic programs, fieldwork educators and our community.

Activities of the PRFC


  • Arrange regular monthly meetings amongst academic fieldwork coordinators

  • Provide a forum for member AFWC’s to offer mutual support and information

  • Provide mentoring support to new academic fieldwork coordinators

Fieldwork Educator Development

  • Provide annual Clinical Council Day and other continuing education opportunities for fieldwork educators to enhance OT education in practice settings. 

  • Promote the development of site specific learning objectives with fieldwork sites


  • Collaborate on educational and professional presentations

  • Cooperate with Members on research and writing opportunities

Understand and comply with ACOTE standards

  • Discuss ACOTE compliance issues and assist academic fieldwork coordinators with interpretation of ACOTE Standards

  • Communicate changes/updates related to OT Education to fieldwork sites

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Member Programs: The PRFC requires that the AFWC(s) from a Member Program contributes to the Mission of the Consortium in substantial ways, and through a variety of activities, according to their skills and abilities. Activities of the PRFC that support our Mission, and in which members are expected to participate are:

  • Active participation in Consortium Annual Strategic Plan

  • Attendance at monthly meetings

    • Members must make an effort to send a representative to every meeting.  

    • Remote participation (Skype, conference call) is permissible if technology is available at the meeting site. 

  • Payment of dues and other financial responsibilities that the the membership may vote to assume – must pay annual dues, at minimum

  • Identification and development of new fieldwork sites in the region and elsewhere

  • Active participation in Fieldwork Educator development

  • Active participation in subcommittee projects and initiatives

  • University/College/School with whom the Program is associated must be in good standing with their respective accrediting body, i.e. Middle States, etc. 

  • Program must be in good standing with the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education

  • Academic Fieldwork Coordinator must be hired with name provided at time of membership

  • Membership begins in September of each new academic year

New Member Programs: All OT and OTA programs in the region are welcome to be members of the Consortium. Membership in the Consortium brings certain benefits to occupational therapy academic programs and to their fieldwork coordinators. The PRFC expects that new programs will contribute to the Mission of the Consortium through a variety of activities, according to their skills and abilities. Please see requirements of member programs for a full list of these activities.  

In addition to participating in Consortium activities, member programs must pay annual dues which are set by the Consortium by consensus.

The Philadelphia Region is defined by the consortium as the five county area consisting of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties with Stockton University grandfathered in as a member.  

Shared database of fieldwork placements: Some member programs have a shared database of fieldwork placements. New members may:

  • Use a placement tracking system of their choice or

  • Purchase EZFW to maintain information about fieldwork sites and placements. EZFW is a  fully populated database (currently at over 1800 sites) containing contact information, information for students about the sites, and reviews of FW experience from previously placed students.  Requirements for purchasing the fully populated database are:

    • Purchase EZFieldwork (EZFW) and pay annual licensing fee

    • Contribute to the common good and develop new fieldwork sites:

      • Identify and develop NEW fieldwork sites (not already contained in EZFW; confirmed by support personnel at Thomas Jefferson University. 

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  • The PRFC shall meet once monthly, at such times and places as voted on prior to the start of each academic semester.

  • Additional Ad Hoc Committee meetings may be scheduled for specific task groups to address business or specific projects.

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Voting Policy and Procedures

  • At any meeting, a majority of voting members is required to be present to make a motion and vote on the motion.

  • Voting during standing meetings must have a quorum of half membership plus one voting member.

  • Voting on time sensitive matters outside of standing meeting times may at times be required.  The process for email voting is that a motion will be sent by the Secretary with a request for reply within 5 days.  Voting will be closed on the deadline date and no responses received thereafter shall be counted.

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There are no elected officers within the PRFC at this time. The treasurer is selected based on whose name(s) are listed with the bank for the PRFC account. The recording secretary duties may be shared and are generally assigned to the 2 most junior member AFWC's. The recording secretary develops the agendas for meetings. Leadership at meetings and within committees is shared. 

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Officer Duties

  • Chair: Bridget Trivinia

    • Responsibilities include:

      • Coordination of meetings

      • Leadership

      • Liaison between AOTA, COE, and EDSIS

      • Disseminate information to consortium members

      • Communicate with other stakeholders including other consortium

  • Vice-Chair: Jennifer Calabrese

    • Responsibilities include:

      • Communicates legislative updates (federal and state)

      • Organize Clinical Council Day awards

  • Secretary: Michele Peterson

    • Responsibilities include:

      • Manage agenda and email to members for comment.

      • Keep minutes during scheduled meetings.

      • Distribute minutes in advance of next meeting date.

      • Send reminder of meeting location and date in advance of next meeting.

    Treasurer: Lydia Navarro-Walker

    • Responsibilities include:

      • Receipt and distribution of funds.

      • Bill member programs for annual fee.

      • Provide written report including budget to actual income and expenditures.

      • Provide history of annual budget for fall meeting to assist in preparation of budget for following year.

      • Disperse funds in accordance with established policies and procedures. 

  • Clinical Council Day Coordinators: Megan Strauss, Michele Peterson, and Marybeth Thomas

    • Responsibilities include:

      • Coordinate annual Clinical Council Day event

  • Scholarship Chairs: Kristi Meyer & Lynn Rockwell

    • Responsibilities include:

      • Assist in facilitating consortium research agenda.

  • Public Relations: Jeanne Coviello and Sheila Moyle

    • Responsibilities include:

      • Liaisons to state organizations

      • Maintaining consortium website

      • Manage email correspondence on behalf of the consortium

    Academic Liaison to POTA: Brianna Brim

    • Responsibilities include:

      • Represent academic programs at POTA District V Board

      • Visit OT/OTA academic programs to educate on POTA membership

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Standing Committees

  • Clinical Council Day Committee

  • Public Relations Committee

  • Scholarship Committee

  • Ad hoc work groups

  • Continuing education 

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  • The fiscal year shall extend from July 1st to June 30th.

  • Operating funds are comprised of membership dues and donations.

  • Annual dues are determined by the Committee: Currently: $250 for OT & OTA programs